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Certified Passive House Consultant/Designer

Gregory Duncan is now listed on the PHIUS website as a Certified Passive House Consultant. As an architect who is passionate about green design, I am excited to have this official recognition of my qualifications. I’ll be attending the 15th Annual International Passive House Conference in May. This year the focus is on regional responses […]

New York State Energy Incentives

There are several energy-efficiency incentive programs in New York State: conEdison: energy efficiency Green Team NYSERDA: Focus on commercial real estate incentives NYSERDA: Multifamily energy-efficiency incentives New York State Green Building Tax Credit New York Energy $mart Residential Loan Program for existing home owners In addition to the NY State incentives, the US Treasury Department […]

Bridge School wins Aga Khan Award for Architecture

The “Bridge School” bridges the two parts of the small village of Xiashi that lie on either side of a small creek that runs through the village. The structure is created by two steel trusses that span the creek with the space between them housing the functions of the school. Suspended from the structure and […]

Nathan Harger's Opening Reception

I found out about this photography exhibit on the ArtCat website.  Nathan Harger does amazing black and white photos of architecture and urban infrastructure.  His photo below of the Wonder Wheel at Coney Island recalls Futurist paintings and Constructivist designs while allowing the object of the amusement ride to be recognizable.  The opening reception is […]

Books I'm Reading

Recreating the American Home: The Passive House Approach, by Mary James The diversity of the ten projects in this book is pretty amazing — from the restoration of an historic 19th century brownstone in Brooklyn, NY, to a large single-family home in the high desert of Salt Lake City, Utah.  The book also includes affordable […]

Passive House Energy Modeling

      How accurate is building energy modeling software?  There are a lot of assumptions that go into any model.  We assume that the weather will conform to historical climate data, that occupants will use the building in a typical manner, that the building is actually constructed as designed, that mechanical equipment will perform […]

Green Building Myths

10 Green Building Myths by Green Building Advisor 1. New York City is an environmental nightmare 2. Walls have to breathe 3. Renovation is less expensive than new construction 4. Spray polyurethane foam creates an air barrier 5. Caulking the exterior of a house reduces air leakage 6. R-value tests only measure conductive heat flow […]

Passive House Sustainable Design

Passive House is a standard for ultra-energy-efficient, healthy, and comfortable buildings. Over 20,000 Passive House buildings, including offices, single-family houses, apartment buildings, and schools, have been constructed around the world. The standard offers a scientific approach to green building that is backed up by real-world data. Compared to typical buildings in the US, a Passive […]