Guatemala Volcano

An active volcano seen from Alotenango, Guatemala in 2006.  The Orange Crush stand is literally a decorated shed, utilitarian and expressive like much of Guatemala.

Ametrica! Metric America

In 2006 Amy Wang won an Adobe Design Achievement Award for her student work in graphic design advocating metrication in the US.


In her last year at SVA, Wang drew together her diverse experiences — cultural, social, and academic — to come up with what later seemed an inevitable thesis. Ametrica! is a cheeky but helpful campaign to convince the United States to join the rest of the world in converting to the metric system. It won an Adobe Design Achievement Award (ADAA) in the Environmental Design and Packaging category, as well as a grant from the Sappi Ideas That Matter program to print the project as a book. Soon she will mail the 1,000 copies to members of Congress and key industry leaders. Ametrica! also earned her a place in STEP Inside Design’s 2007 Field Guide to Emerging Design Talent.

Ametrica! project by Amy Wang

Ametrica! project by Amy Wang