Certified Passive House Consultant/Designer

Gregory Duncan is now listed on the PHIUS website as a Certified Passive House Consultant. As an architect who is passionate about green design, I am excited to have this official recognition of my qualifications.

I’ll be attending the 15th Annual International Passive House Conference in May. This year the focus is on regional responses to the challenge of designing and constructing buildings that require very little energy to operate.

Naturally, climatic conditions and architectural traditions differ between regions. There is no clearly defined solution for all locations nor does the Passive House Standard claim to provide such a solution. Instead, the Passive House Standard provides the means for designing buildings most suited to their respective climatic, architectural and cultural conditions. —Wolfgang Feist


UPDATE 2011-06-29: I am now also officially recognized by the international Passive House Institute (PHI) as a Certified Passive House Designer – Architect. PHI uses the term Certified Passive House Designer to recognize design professionals–such as architects–who are also Certified Passive House Consultants.