15th Annual Passive House Conference

I just registered for the 15th annual International Passive House Conference, to be held in Innsbruck, Austria on May 27 and 28. Conference organizers expect over 1,000 participants from all over the world. I hope to get some good tips on energy efficiency and share some of the challenges of building in New York City. I’m also excited to tour a large residential project in Tyrol.

Deutsche Bank Towers Renovated to Use 89% Less CO2

The German magazine Detail provides a very detailed—naturally—summary of this LEED Platinum retrofit.

The 155-meter tall towers were completed in 1985 and renovated this year to the USGBC’s highest rating, while also achieving certification by the German DGNB.

Recycling: 98% of the construction debris was recycled.

Heating and Cooling: 67% reduction in energy for heating and cooling.

Electicity: 55% less electricity required.

Water: 74% less water.

Carbon Dioxide: 89% less CO2 per year (equivalent to removing 6000 cars from the road).

March 15: Passive House Presentation

New York Passive House (NYPH) is hosting an event on March 15, 2011. Jotte Seghers will present some Passive House projects he has worked on in Belgium including a multifamily apartment building, a school, and an entire neighborhood. For those who are new to the green building standard, I will present “Passive House 101” with a focus on insulation.

The Passive House standard is growing quickly in New York. NYPH was founded in 2010 and now lists 15 projects on its website.

A recent study of Passive House homes in Germany showed that these houses cost 95% less to heat than typical older buildings. The article is in German, but here is a link to it via Google Translate.

Please RSVP so that security can let you into the building.