Book: The Greenest Home: Superinsulated and Passive House Design

The Greenest Home: Superinsulated and Passive House Design

Julie Torres Moskovitz’s book showcases eighteen recent Passive House projects from around the world, including the first certified Passive House retrofit in Connecticut. Duncan Architect was the Passive House consultant for this project.

If I ran the world—or at least the planning departments of the world—every house would be a Passive House (not to mention every school, hospital, office building). Each house in this inspiring book is beautiful on the outside and brilliant within. Each merges bold aesthetics with common principles: they’re well insulated, high performing, and ridiculously efficient in their resource usage. The real mystery is why Passive House principles aren’t standard best practice yet. They will be. They must.

—Allison Arieff, Contributing Columnist, New York Times


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  1. leribaux
    leribaux says:

    allow me to insist: of course passivhaus should be mandatory .. soon is in brussels. it’s minimum requirements, not best practise for the lucky few, it’s the basics, point.
    once mandatory, architects and city planners can get back to doing their job: creating a built environment infused with generosity … instead of fiddling around with insulation, airtightness, blowerdoor tets, and other easy to solve details.
    we must remember that creating positive impact on people’s lives, today & tomorrow, with our buildings … is about so much more than lamda values and mvhr … it’s about daring to examine then draw all our hearts have to offer.

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