Passive House Books

Passive House is the world’s leading comfort and energy-efficiency standard for all types of buildings.

The Duncan Architect Passive House Bookstore has books for general as well as expert audiences.

I just added a link to Mary James’s 2010 book Recreating the American Home: The Passive House Approach. I reviewed her newer book, American Passive House Developments, stating:

“Passive House, a method of building that traces its roots to American pioneers such as Amory Lovins, is the world’s leading energy efficiency standard for buildings. It applies to all building types, allowing people to save energy in their homes and workplaces without sacrificing comfort. Now, Mary James, a leading voice in the American Passive House movement, lucidly articulates that Passive House is not just a residential phenomenon by showcasing a sampling of intriguing current projects including multifamily developments, commercial kitchens, and brownstone renovations.”

For Passive House designers, I would recommend Sarah Lewis’s book PHPP Illustrated: A Designer’s Companion to the Passive House Planning Package for an in-depth guide to the energy modeling software that is the basis for Passive House design.

For great photographs and accessible information, I would recommend Julie Torres Moskovitz’s The Greenest Home: Superinsulated and Passive House Design. Disclosure: she’s a friend of mine and one of our projects is featured in the book.

For those interested in the history of passive solar approaches to architecture, I would recommend Anthony Denzer’s The Solar House: Pioneering Sustainable Design. It includes “the work of masters of twentieth-century architecture such as Richard Neutra, Le Corbusier, Frank Lloyd Wright, Paolo Soleri, Louis Kahn, Pietro Belluschi, Edward Durell Stone, and Harwell Hamilton Harris, and continuing with more recent innovations like the German Passivhaus movement….”