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Absurdity of Natural Ventilation

I’ve been meaning to post something about the absurdity of the almost religious devotion some people have to “natural” ventilation in a building. How is a double-hung window “natural”, by the way? That’s why I prefer the term manual ventilation. Fortunately, the Passive House Academy of New Zealand beat me to it with a great […]

Book: The Greenest Home: Superinsulated and Passive House Design

The Greenest Home: Superinsulated and Passive House Design Julie Torres Moskovitz’s book showcases eighteen recent Passive House projects from around the world, including the first certified Passive House retrofit in Connecticut. Duncan Architect was the Passive House consultant for this project. If I ran the world—or at least the planning departments of the world—every house […]

Westport Bauhaus Passive House Retrofit in Treehugger

Before and after shots of the Passive House retrofit project in Westport, Connecticut, an hour or so northeast of New York City. Duncan Architect was the Certified Passive House Designer working with architect Ken Levenson to create a comfortable, healthy, energy-efficient building. Treehugger recently profiled our project and the owner/builder Doug Mcdonald.

Commercial Retrofit in Brooklyn, New York

Increasing the occupants’ comfort and ability to do their job by reducing noise and drafts while also reducing utility bills. A preliminary blower door test revealed major air leaks in the existing masonry. These gaps were not obvious from a visual inspection and would have created huge problems with water leaks, uncomfortable drafts, noise transfer, and […]

Brooklyn Passive House Video

Brooklyn Independent Television features the energy-efficient retrofit condo, 96 St. Marks Avenue, that I consulted on for architect Ken Levenson. See the Passive House Buildings Project Data Sheet for technical information and haus96.com for the marketing website. Located in a historic district in Prospect Heights, this townhouse renovation combines historic preservation and modern technology for […]

Commercial Passive House Retrofit Tour in Brooklyn

On Sunday, November 11, tour a commercial Passive House retrofit of a 7000 SF warehouse for the Hatzolah Central non-profit ambulance dispatch service. See the project under construction as the ventilation system and windows and doors are being installed. It’s conveniently located near the 18 Ave F stop on McDonald Ave and 47th Street. The […]

Passive House Tours November 10 and 11

Gregory Duncan Architect is proud to have three Passive House projects open for tours as part of the International Passive House Days on November 10 and 11. Saturday, Nov 10: Brooklyn, NY: Haus 96, the first condo building in the United States to be retrofit with Passive House components and methodology. Sunday, Nov 11: Westport, […]

Tour Multifamily Passive House in Brooklyn

Haus 96, the first multifamily Passive House retrofit building in Brooklyn, will be open for guided tours on Saturday, November 10, 2012. This project proves that historic preservation, comfort, healthy indoor air, and dramatically reduced energy costs are compatible. Duncan Architect performed the energy modeling for this project for architect Ken Levenson. Building science geeks may […]