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USA wins again

At 214 square meters new American homes are almost three times as large as British ones.  Average household sizes are about the same in America, Australia, and the UK, so that doesn’t explain the difference. A post by Jayne Merkel in the New York Times talks about “When Less Was More” in American homes.


An active volcano seen from Alotenango, Guatemala in 2006.  The Orange Crush stand is literally a decorated shed, utilitarian and expressive like much of Guatemala.

Ametrica! Metric America

In 2006 Amy Wang won an Adobe Design Achievement Award for her student work in graphic design advocating metrication in the US. AMETRICA! In her last year at SVA, Wang drew together her diverse experiences — cultural, social, and academic — to come up with what later seemed an inevitable thesis. Ametrica! is a cheeky but helpful […]